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Overview of Trinity College Dublin

Home to 16,000 students and over 400 years of history, Trinity is Ireland’s oldest university. With a diverse range of national and international students and boasting such famous alumni as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Mary McAleese, Trinity is an ideal setting for students to follow the footsteps of some of Ireland’s most influential figures. Location Trinity is located at the heart of Dublin City, protected from the manic city centre streets by its ancient walls. Coming from the hustl ...Read More

What the students say

That I would get 2 degrees in one course.
5th year Currently in college
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I wouldn't have been satisfied with anything else.
1st year Currently in college
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Although I am still interested in economics, at a high level, the courses tend to be very much divorced from intuition. I was interested in Economics as the study of human interactions as they relate to scarce resources. There is very little humanity to the course I study now; it is more related to financial and statistical models than any sort of decision theory or behavioural analysis. Trinity's economics department has also hemorrhaged staff since I started. Two senior staff are leaving next year, one lost to retirement and another to a chair at Oxford. There is also a growing tendency for the more senior academics to focus on research, and leave the teaching to PhD students or external academics. The final degree mark is weighted 100% on final year, which means that final year is very stressful, partly because it's more difficult to motivate yourself in third year. This certainly left me a little bit behind where I should have been and where lecturers assumed I would be. There isn't much individual student to lecturer contact. Tutorials are generally taught by PhD students with little to no teaching training or experience and mostly involve going through worksheets. There is very broad choice of courses from second year on. I even got to study a philosophy module and was able to pick from a wide range of different modules in economics, particularly for third and fourth year.
4th year Currently in college
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